Joe Torina wrote, directed and edited this broadcast program for the D+N Agency of Central Florida. Existing footage was provided from an originally produced personal profile documentary on thyroid expert and author Dr. Steven Hotze, M.D. The footage was recut with a script written to sell the doctor’s latest book entitled, HYPOTHYROIDISM, Health and Happiness.

This compilation of personal profile testimonials was featured in a recent Robert Allen Real Estate infomercial written, produced , directed and co-edited by Joe Torina. Executive producer of the program was Torina Media.

Torina Media was the leading post-production facility for this feature-length film of a special stage presentation on the life of Ernest Hemingway. The stage show was produced and directed by Jordan Rhodes. It stars Mr. Rhodes as Papa Hemingway and Lynn Moore in multiple roles as the women in his life. Written by Ken Vose and Jordan Rhodes, the film won the Best Historical Drama Award of the 2013 NY Film Festival.

This demo shows clips of just several infomercials produced by Torina Media. Cited are five year revenues per product. All shows were written, produced, directed and co-edited by Joe Torina.

Of note is a portion of what is likely the only product endorsement ever given by a soldier from a war zone - in this case Iraq, outside of  Ramadi. A satellite phone interview was intercut with off-duty photos taken of  him using the software product.

Torina Media was the exclusive video and live-webcast producer for Jennifer Flavin-Stallone’s Seriesse SkinCare line. Joe Torina wrote, produced, directed and edited this video designed to promote the company’s business opportunity. The interview and other scenes were shot at the Stallone residence in Beverly Hills.


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